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Happy Equinox!

March 21, 2010

The “snake” descending EL Castillo in Chitzen Itza on the vernal equinox.


2012 & the Coming of the Antichrist

April 8, 2009

Now here is an interesting and strange look at the 2012 phenomenon.  2012 and the Anti-Christ?  Judge for yourself: Christ & the Maya Calendar: 2012 & the Coming of the Antichrist.


Yellowstone Ready to Blow?

December 30, 2008

The bucolic beauty that is Yellowstone National Park hides a forboding secret beneath its surface – No I am not writing an add for a shitty Hollywood movie, Yellowston is actually one of the worlds largest super-volcanoes.  Called a caldera, Yellowstone’s eruption would change the face of the earth as we know it.  Just yesterday, Yellowstone began to grumble – with a series of minor earthquakes just in time for the new year and of course, its over due.  Let out a little steam, old Faithful!